Nova ft Saule – Ghosted Romulus
Nova – Glisten Romulus
Cartridge – Choker Subaltern
Hella ft Rosie Lee – New Rage Gutterfunk
Teffa – Kings Lodge Hotplates
Distinct Motive – WY Sub Merchants
Subreachers ft ARtroniks – Dub Echoes Black Theeth
DBL Negative – Tension Dub Foundation Audio
Goth-Trad – Be Free > Survival Research Back to Chill
Acid_Lab – Funk Tune Counterpoint
PH42E – Hivemind Skalator
Subdue – Thetans > I Need Counterpoint
PH42E – Zen Skalator
Brusten ft MC Resc – Res0nate Counterpoint
Molecular & Objectiv – The Foundation Cause4Concern
D-Struct & Arxiva – Rarecycle Skalator
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