4TGANG, DJ Hogg – Direct Source Roadkill UK
Lavonz x Perception x Ollie Rant x Ell Murphy – Know What To Do Dansu Discs
Main Phase – Note To Society ec2a
Kessler – Hood Mentality Holding Hands
Pépé Elle – Thump Breaks’n’Pieces
Fracture, LMajor – Feeling Astrophonica
Peaky Beats – Ishval Cheeky Music Group
M4A4 – Starbeam (Interplanetary Criminal Remix) Cheeky Music Group
Jason Code – HOT! Scuffed
Pixl – Outer Reaches Love Love
Marcus Visionary – Power Inner City Dance
4AM Kru – I Don’t Wanna Stop Embrace The Real
I Wannabe – Atomic Age Omni Music
Damian’s Ghost – All I Remember Astrophonica
Kid Lib – Don’t Make Me Wait Deep Jungle
Damian’s Ghost – On The Mist Astrophonica
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