01. Assafrão – APL [Rádio Quântica]
02. Overmono – So U Know [Poly Kicks]
03. Interplanetary Criminal – Pride (Speed Garage Mix) [Self Released]
04. Viers – Can U Feel It (Soul Mass Transit System Remix) [Hokkaido Dance Club]
05. Interplanetary Criminal – Killah Kam [Time is Now]
06. Teebone ft MC Sparks & MC Kie – Fly Bi [Stone Villager]
07. Instinct – Someone [Instinct]
08. DJ Luck & MC Neat – A Little Bit of Luck [Red Rose]
09. Sawheadz – Don’t Go [HARDLINE]
10. Phasmid – Deadpan [Gimme A Break]
11. Zomby – Spliff Dub [Warehouse Rave]
12. M-Beat ft General Levy – Incredible (Underground Deep Bass Mix) [Renk]
13. DJ Hype & Ganja Max ft DJ Daddy & MC Fats – Rinse Out [Ganja]
14. Sully – 5ives [Over/Shadow]
15. Assafrão – ??? [forthcoming Naivety]
16. PinkPantheress – Just For Me [Parlophone]

Releases Nacionais 2021 [1/2]

Minus & MRDolly – The Break [Jazzego]
Nimbus Sextet – Dreams Fulfilled (Fradinho Remix) [Acid Jazz]
Yakuza – Adagio (Moreno Ácido Remix) [Infinita]
Planar Traits – Exo-Realm > Trip Out [Magic Carpet]
Ramu – Mirrored Me [Magic Carpet]
Lake Haze – That Rave Saved My Life [Shall Not Fade]
No Future – Fauxleather > Quartier Cartier [Monster Jinx]
Zacarocha – Psaltry Clouds [Lost Thumb]
Fradinho – A Bright Future [Eclectic Beats Music]
DJ Chupacabra – Finissage [Carpet & Snares]
Yakuza – Aileron Pt2 (Remistura Diogo) [Infinita]
Hassan Abou Alam – All Used Up > Breathe [naive]
Pyramid Of Knowledge – Yuzu’s Dream [Dream Ticket]


Whenuknow – Howard [Maison Flora]
Maroki – Birchgrove Pleasure Gardens [e-beamz]
El-B – Love Life [GD4YA]
4TGANG – Piano Wavs > Unpopular [Breaks n Pieces]
Bakey ft Kasia – No Name Groove [Time is Now]
Nitework ft Ell Murphy – Take It Slow [Jucey Tunes]
A:Grade – Gambino [Uprise Audio]
4TGANG – Where This Takes Me? [Breaks n Pieces]
D-DUBLL – Reverse Flow > Nuclear Winter [Self-Released]
Dan Miles – Axis [Maison Flora]
Overmono – So U Kno [Poly Kicks]
Al Wootton – Sirzad [TRULE]
Overmono – BMW Track [Poly Kicks]
DJ Crisps – Luvin U [Cheeky Music Group]
Bakey – Bring It Back [Time is Now]
Mincy – Pretty Misty (99 Nissan Patrol Remix) [Extra Spicy]


Lorenzo BITW – Petali Blu [Future Bounce]
Ehua – Black > Diatom [Nervous Horizon]
Lithe – Twoface [Early Reflex]
Tribal Brothers & DJ Polo – The Problem [Livity Sound]
Modeselektor ft Flohio – Social Distancing [Monkeytown]
Guava & Breaka – The Dolphins Are Back In Venice [Control Freak]
Johnny Hunter – 89 Brakes [Banoffee Pies]
Ishe – Beats Knock [PMLG]
Beneath – Shambling [Hemlock]
Mani Festo – Shunt [Sneaker Social Club]
Beneath – Bone Hum [Hemlock]
Maria – Telefone [Monster Jinx]
Kiyotaki – Predictions > Reflections > Clouds [Self-Released]

Breakstep / Future Jungle

QuietStorm (Caspa) – Tribute 10 [Storming Productions]
Toasty – Skinny [Destructive]
Toasty – Splash [Destructive]
Feonix – Is It Raining [Nomine Sound]
Msymiakos – Hemsedal Blues [Future Jungle Music]
EVA808 – Wannabe [Encrypted Audio]
Manul & Energy Man ft BSN Posse – Pelodeamen [Breaking Bass]
Borai – Sanctuary [Higher Level]
Killawatt – Sidewinder (Ipman Remix) [Black Box]
Nomine – Badman Sound [Nomine Sound]
E3 Breaks (aka Slimzee & Asif Kid) – Backroads [Nomine Sound]
Breakage – Dedication [Digital Soundboy]
dYstance – The Thirst [Top Drawer]
Breakage – Tugz [Digital Soundboy]
Makoto – Different Rhythm [7even]
DJ Madd – Junglist [Black Box]
Emalkay – Crusader [Dub Police]
Boylan & Slimzee – Reinforced [Nomine Sound]
Benton – Badman VIP [Benton Beats]


The Widdler – Coughie [Dank’n’Dirty Dubz]
Gakusha – Ineffable [Lo-fi Clouds]
Blicka – Oh, I Insist [Dank’n’Dirty Dubz]
Pushloop – La Forêt [Dank’n’Dirty Dubz]
Bunzer0 – All the Massive [eatmybeat]
Lampa – Rights [Self-Released]
Rufus! – Asatori Hiteshi [Hatched]
L-Wiz – PCM Dub [Dank’n’Dirty Dubz]
La Dame – Death Of The Samurai [Omakase]
Bucky – Blackmarket > Ghost Ship [Self-Released]
Balance – Hue [Slime]
Biome – Footprint [Self-Released]
Akul – Mashup [Extra Spicy]
Ephemera – Itch > Down [Mechanical]
Proc Fiskal – Mullit Madollock [Hyperdub]
Qant x Yaxx – Scales [EYESOME]
Kiyotaki – Double Agent [Guerilla Bass]


Sentinel 793 – Wind and Water [Seagrave]
Moullinex & Sara Tavares – Minina di Céu (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape) [Discotexas]
Hugo Massien – Beyond Completely Gone > Unpowered Descent [E-Beamz]
Nicolas Duque – Bristol Love (Holloway Remix) [Breaks’n’Pieces]
Interplanetary Criminal & Hypho – Talbot Road [Time is Now]
Tower Block Dreams – Wicked Ya No (Interplanetary Criminal Remix) [Time Is Now]
Sicaria Sound – Caved In [Self-Released]
Arkham Sound – If Only You Knew [Sub Audio]
Monty & T-Man – Apollo (Mystic State Remix) [Artikal Music]
Duckem – Vendista Brigada [Eyesome]
Pharma – Tombos [Locus Sound]
Caucenus ft B4MBA – Fazuzu [XXIII]
SpaceJail & Somah – Into the Catacombs [Next Level]
Duburban – Back For More [3AM Eternal]
Blame – In My Soul [Violet Nights]
Prayer – No One Left [Hooversound]


B-Say – Lion’s Paw > Zoned [Dirty Beats Music]
Dem Dub – Mellow [Liontown]
JahYu ft Wortfetzen – One Day [Tripedal Crow]
Radikal Guru ft Lady Skavya – Lost and Found [Moonshine]
Ourman – Sp00ns [DUPLOC]
Ourman – Rub A Thug [White Peach]
Mungk – Macaque [DUPLOC]
Ghetts ft Stormzy & Ghetto – Skengman [Warner]
Silkie – Big 45 (Cimm Remix) [Deep Medi]
Ternion Sound – 422 [Self-Released]
Nothingnice, Hayz & Riko Dan – Hawkeye [Durkle Disco]
Brightwing – Euphoria (Dub) [Badman Studios]
Nomine & 9er & Digital – Run from It [Nomine]
Necrotype – Treetops > Priam’s Treasure [Repertoire]
Kessler – Lambert Rise [Shall Not Fade]
DJ soFa – Skatta [Straight Up Breakbeat]


30/70, Alex Albrecht – Breaking Tense [WAT]
Diana Oliveira – Goal [Discotexas]
Al Wootton – Ashe [Trule]
RLGNS – bby yoda one fr me [Self-Released]
Nicolas Duque – If I Were [Breaks ‘N’ Pieces]
Diogo – Try Again [Extended]
Subjoi – Bias [Lost Palms]
Shcuro – Bassforce [naive]
My Nu Leng – 1 More Tune [Soft Computing]
Ternion Sound – There is A Cost [Manuka]
Warwick – On The Riddim [Breaks ‘N’ Pieces]
Kessler – Old Wives Tale [Shall Not Fade]
Dark Tantrums – Roots [DAKU]
Schuro – Far Out [naive]
Azul-Revolto – Sem Adubos (Remistura do Diogo) [Infinita]
Client_03 – Thought Disposal [Astrophonica]
MKII – Make Me Feel [Hardcore Energy]


Rednote – Albino [Sentry]
DJ Swagger x DJ ÆDIDIAS – Dont Call Me [Shall Not Fade]
Kessler – Vrieselaan [Shall Not Fade]
Pessimist – Love In The Jungle [Illian Tape]
Distance – Blue Velvet > Crimson [Self-Released]
Skream – Darkside of Life [Self-Released]
Leon Switch & KIAL – Mind Science [Sub Pressure]
Hebbe – Quiche [Next Level]
Kwizma & Nomine – Blinded [Nomine]
DJ Madd – Babylon Scatta [Badman Studios]
Silkie – Leave It > Did You Know [Deep Medi]
The Meditator & DJ Ink – Do 2 Me (Duburban Remix) [Meditator Music]
Harmony – Moonshine > Piano Soul [Deep Jungle]
Special Request – Pull Up (Tim Reaper Remix) [Hooversound]