Keita Sano – Blur Ceramics [Row]
Hugo Massien – Mariana > Deep Blue [Unknown To The Unknown]
Cortese – SPU1 > Wrong Train [Time is Now]
Dismantle – Ghost > Street Knowledge [Stations]
Subwave & BOP – Rave I Didn’t Know Was The Last [Hospital]
Law – Love High [Repertoire]
Kola Nut – Rhode Island [Repertoire]
Law & Wheeler – Absolute Proof [Repertoire]
SCAR ft Naomi Pryor – Losing Your Mind [Metalheadz]
Paradox – Nord [Over/Shadow]
Operate & MadRush MC – One By One [Overview]


Aranha – Rhode to Nowhere [WiddFam]
Aranha – Stripe [WiddFam]
Caveman Dub, Dubbing Sun & Khoe Wa – Inspiration [Moonshine]
Ashanti Selah & Dan-I Locks – Vibes Up (Vocal > Horns > Legacy) [Dub Junction]
Thought Trails – 4AM Kitchen Waffle [Time is Now]
Swoose – Breathe [Feel My Bicep]
Dusky & El-B – Bubblin’ [17 Steps]
Human Movement & Big Skeez – House Check [Of Leisure]
Human Movement – Yu [Of Leisure]
Otik – Extrasense [Solar Body]
Otik – Sometimes The Nights Last For Months [Solar Body]
Nuboid – Making Changes [ISH Imprint]
Nuboid – Love Me, Hold Me [ISH Imprint]
TSHA & Mafro – Giving Up [Ninja Tune]
Floating Points – Problems [Ninja Tune]
Floating Points – Problems [Ninja Tune]
Pearson Sound – Red Sky [Hessle Audio]


Assafrao – Beat OS [Naivety]
Poor J’Darr – Hot Pot [ROADKILL UK]
Donsurf – Tell Me [ROADKILL UK]
Kaval – Battery Dub [Eyesome]
Kimyan Law & Elyn – Maua [Matches Music]
Mystic State – Understand [Artikal]
Stereo Raptor – Tree Monster > Illusion > Surreal [Self-Released]
Mystic State ft PAV4N – Gallows [Artikal]
Cardiome – EZ DV [Eyesome]
Kercha – Dissaray > Conjugate [DNO]
Oxossi – Murda [Locus Sound]
Neurotoxin – Mist > Galé [Conveyor]
Neurotoxin ft James Powell & Incendiário – Exhibit A [Conveyor]


FLO – Orange Dub (Happy Face) > Blue Dub [Self-Released]
Chad Dubz – Be With You [Vantage]
Nahlith – Balance > Suspect [Nomine]
Headland – Garbo (Epoch Regarb) [SYSTEM]
Cartridge – Voyage [DDD]
Lofty ft Ourman – Foretold [White Peach]
Ma Barka – Sizzle [Locus Sound]
Hypho – Miss Moneypenny [DUPLOC]
Khiva – Symptoms [Drama Club]
Low End Activist ft Killa P – DFRNT STYLE [Sneaker Social Club]
Low End Activist ft Emz – Get Get [Sneaker Social Club]
Al Wootton – Callers Spring [Trule]
Daffy – Shaping Up [Sub Merchants]
Creep Woland – Luca Benzito [Headset]
Main Phase – Whale Dub [Instinct]
Murkage Dave – Every Statue Must Come Down (Zed Bias Remix) [Self-Released]
Objekt – Bad Apples [Objekt]
Justin Jay – Soundboy [Breaks’N’Pieces]

Produtores e Editoras Nacionais

Pedro Martins & Tempura the Purple Boy – Hall of Mirrors [Random Collective]
Nightmares On Wax – Wonder (D-Haze Remix)[Free Download]
Assafrão – MGS [forthcoming Naivety]
DJ ft 문선 – TOM (Stones Taro Remix) [XXIII]
Prest – Black Lotus [XXIII]
DJ Ride – citylights > night > messingwithspliceloops [Self-Released]
Rest Function – Alcântara Mar (Short Term Memory Loss Remix) [CIGA239]
Diogo – Errar É OK [Discos Extendes]
Sasha Theft – East Of [kaptcha]
Rainforest – Vibe High [Conveyor Audio]
Lowfatik – Visions [Yanked Beats]
Section – Amenucation [Counterpoint]
Section ft Sofi Mari – Daydream [Counterpoint]
Section & OB1 – Fly To Me [Counterpoint]
Creatures & Joe Raygun – Gonzo Transmission (Molecular Remix) [Overview]
Molecular & Amoss – Questionable [Flexout Audio]
Vowel & Jon Tho x Lizzy Stringer – Crossroads [Elevate]
Blast & Dunats – Nemesis [Future Sickness]


Cimm & Youngsta – Revival [Sentry]
Tunic – Spring Fever [Foto Sounds]
11th Hour – Crosshair > Illicit [Locus Sound]
Om Unit – Gabrielle edit [Self-Released]
Blicka – Interplay [Dank’N’Dirty Dubz]
Calibre – Rare Groove [The Nothing Special]
Ago & Boofy – Silverware [Innamind]
Lone – Natural Aerials (Mouth of God Part Two) [Greco-Roman]
Mincy ft Askew Bedu – Compost [Extra Spicy]
Fanu & Larson Whiled – Groove is the Source [Lightless]
Calibre – Grinch [The Nothing Special]
DJ Madd – Knowledge [Unchained]
Foreign Concept, Slay & Roxiie Reese – Vibe [Critical Music]
Sam Binga x Emz x Sir Hiss – In For The Night (Coco Bryce Remix) [Pineapple]
FFF – Bad Vibes [Future Retro London]


Hugo Massien – Dynamic Symmetry [DIRTYBIRD]
Chevals – Put Your Faith In Me [Dansu Discs]
Maroki – Alfred Stole My Brain [Running Out Of Steam]
Kellen303 – Life Different Now [Keysound]
Sentient & Kahter – Node [Foundation Audio]
Hamdi – Who Can Drum [Locus Sound]
Joe Koshin – T4LK 2 M3 [Shall Not Fade]
Chevals – Bounce With Me [Dansu Discs]
Soul Mass Transit System – Phat Booty > Smoke [Vivid]
DJ Ferrari – Enigma [Fantastic Voyage]
Echoboy, Danny Red & The Herb – Jahovah Remix [Moonshine]
Echoboy – Dub Teachings [Moonshine]
EKSTR – Inspiration [FKOF]
VIVEK – Colours [VIVEK]
Tinky – Totemz [Boka]
Leo Cap – No Position [DUB’RAW]
vandull x Hypho – Shh [DDD]
Hamdi – Squirrel [Locus Sound]


Ploy – Dark Lavis [Deaf Test]
Alex Coulton – Wiretap [Tempa]
Pearson Sound – Everything is Inside Out [Hessle Audio]
Protect Ryan – Habitual Stepper [Gutterfunk]
Zero Theory – Turiya [Merkaba Music]
Kalya Scintilla – Osiris [Merkaba Music]
Somatoast – Kokoa [Gravitas]
Forin – Contact [Sound Museum]
Forin – Mirage [Sound Museum]
Source Direct – Snake Style [Tempo]
Insignio e Incendiário – Irrational Repetition [Yanked Beats]
SP:MC – Drawing Sound [Declassified]


Art-X ft Shaky Norman – Purple Lake [ODGProd]
Mystic Fyah – Righteous Dub > Nebula [Dub Communication]
Mystic Fyah ft Tito – Eles Andam Aí [This Way]
Soul Mass Transit System – Nutty Bread Rocks [Dr Banana]
X-Ray – Bad Man Sounds [Dr Banana]
SkyKap – Inta Outa [Dr Banana]
Stalker – Night Mission [Dr Banana]
Yosh – By Night > Massive [Dr Banana]
Objekt – The Goose That Got Away [Objekt]
Objekt – Shuttered [Bleep]
Nadia Khan – Conversation (CCL Remix) [Scissor and Thread]
Objekt – Theme From Q [Objekt]
Dillinja – Sovereign Melody [Deep Jungle]
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs [Deep Jungle]
Dillinja – Thugged Out Bitch [Valve]
Dillinja – Twist Em Out [Trouble on Vinyl]


Hidden Turn – Whats Going On [Translation]
Sister Zo – Fire > Inhale [Scuffed]
INGI – Point [Scuffed]
95Bones & Wager – Purple Hilt (East London Aerial Mix) [Scuffed]
Eusebeia – Natural Progression [Repertoire]
Cyber Life – Galatic Stabs Brotherhood Dub [Syrinx Music]
Djrum – Plantain [Samurai Music]
Theory – Babylon Dem (The Untouchables Remix) [Translation]
The Untouchables – Lion Of Judah [Translation]
Detboi – Into The Shadows [Over/Shadow]
Quartz – Rebore [Rupture]