01. Xtanki – Waffle Crew [Unreleased]
02. Interplanetary Criminal ft Killa P – Gangster Time [Shall Not Fade]
03. Cesco, Sam Binga & Redders – Bring A Friend [Pineapple]
04. SP:MC – Drawing Sound [Declassified]
05. Main Phase – Original Style [Dansu Discs]
06. Bakey – Reduced Vision [Shall Not Fade]
07. Disaffected – Can’t Compare [CNCPT]
08. Cesco – Move Too Slow [Pineapple]
09. Bakey – Cobra [Shall Not Fade]
10. SP:MC – Big Request [Declassified]
11. Sully ft Jamakabi – Bullseye [Keysound]
12. Wen – Swingin (LDN Mix) [Keysound]
13. Daffy – Mishap [Shall Not Fade]
14. J Swift – Amen [Unreleased]
15. EL-B – Slam [Ghost]
16. Wen – Swerv (El-B Remix) [GD4YA]
17. Yosh – Erosion [Dansu Discs]
18. K-Lone – Crunch [Badimup]


Digid – Revolution Sound [Lion Charge]
Violinbwoy ft Sis I Leen – Babylon [Moonshine Recordings]
Dubkasm – Counter Attack (Gorgon Sound Remix) [Peng Sound Records]
J Kenzo – Traverse [ZamZam Records]
EchoBoy ft Danny Red & The Herb – Jahovah Remix [Moonshine Recordings]
Ackboo ft Marcus Gad – Ina Sky [Tanta Records]
Marcus Gad & Tribe – Change [Baco Records]
Johnny Osbourne – Fally Ranking (V.I.V.E.K Remix) [SYSTEM]
DJ Madd – Take It Down Low [Roots & Future]
SP:MC – Missing You [Declassified]
EL-B – Natural Thing [Self-Released]
Tommy The Cat – Far and Beyond [Unknown To The Unknown]
ASC & Aural Imbalance – Overcast Skies [Auxiliary]

Proto-Dubstep [Nu Dark Swing]

Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold [Dat Pressure]
Groove Chronicles – Black Puppet [Dat Pressure]
El-B ft Juice Man aka Ghost – Buck & Bury [Ghost]
Wookie – Scrappy [ManChu]
DJ Abstract – Touch [Tempa]
Ghost – Express [Ghost]
El-B ft Rolla MC – Serious [Locked On]
Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (El-B Remix) [Locked On]
Benny Ill vs DJ Dinesh – London [Tempa]
Darqwan (Oris Jay) – Disaster [Texture]
Benny Ill vs DJ Hatcha – Highland Spring [Tempa]
Geeneus – Congo [Tempa]
DJ Hatcha – Conga Therapy [Tempa]
Digital Mystikz – Give Jah Glory [Tempa]
Digital Mystikz – Pathways [Big Apple]
Skream & Benga ‎- The Judgement [Big Apple]
Skream & Hatcha – 8th Wonder [Wonderland]
Horsepower Productions – Landslide Remix [Tempa]
Plastician – White Gloves [Terrorhythm]

130s [Dark Garage & Breaks]

Mershak – Behind Them > Technical [Jelly Bean Farm]
Biome – Guardian [Self-Released]
Biome x Hypho – Deform [Manuka]
Squane x Hypho – Hekno [Jelly Bean Farm]
Heritage – Signal Path [Glome Sound]
Krotone – Club Scene [Jelly Bean Farm]
Tony Rocky Horror – Titania [Manuka]
Walton – Murdah [Kaizen]
Farsight – Contact [Scuffed]
Hypho – Handle It [Boss Mode]
Paleman – Beezeldub (Hypho Remix) [Free Download]
Dogpatrol – Dont Follow Us [Sneaker Social Club]
Soundbwoy Killah – Wanna Hold You [Sneaker Social Club]
Borai & Denham Audio – Intraleks [E-Beamz]
Skin Teeth – Unity > The Rollers [Warehouse Rave]
Fiesta Soundsystem – Breathing Down My Neck [Mask Music]


Argo – No Job [Almost Nice Tapes]
SerpentEyes & Legend4ry – Tunnels [LDH]
Chief Kaya ft Rakjay – Human Nature [Locus Sound]
SerpentEyes & Morning High – Dub Specialist [LDH]
Markee Ledge ft Jodie Elms – Up Close [Self-Released]
Leo Cap – Free Your Mind > I Feel Good > Surround Me [Artikal]
Yosh – Keep Coming > Inverted > Erosion [Dansu Discs]
Unknown Past – Go All Night [Friday Rush]
Jubley – The Way of Woo > Tap Toe [Fodder]
Benjamin Fröhlich & Cooper Saver – The Infinte Dub [Pleasure Principle]
Vromm – Red Tuna [R&S]
Coco Bryce – Skylark [Fresh 86]

Produção no Feminino [Dia da Mulher]

Shanti Celeste – Make Time [Idle Hands]
Violet – Badness (BLEID Remix) [naive]
Or:la – UK Lonely [Hotflush]
Nocturnal Sunshine – Foundation [I/AM/ME]
Jlin – Carbon 7 (161) [Planet Mu]
Bonaventure – Nemesis [Planet Mu]
Ikonika – Micro Blading [Mixpak]
Cooly G – Narst [Hyperdub]
Zen Selekta – Back to My Roots [Self-Released]
Khiva – Complete [DDD]
Kālī – Bang Bang [Trusik]
EVA808 – Pink Uzi Gang [Innamind]
Huxley Anne – Nin [DOMEOFDOOM]
Whipped Cream – You Wanted It [Mad Decent]
Nidia – Biotheke [Principe]
Kelela – Enemy (MA NGUZU Ironsoul Edit) [Fade to Mind]
SWV – You’re The One (Kozee Remix) [FACT]
Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do (B.Traits Edit) [Free Download]
Kyrist – Solace [Uprise Audio]
A.Fruit – Obsession [Med School Music]
Djinn – Pressure [Foundation X]
Kemistry & Storm – Signature [Reinforced]


Callum Asa ft 140 – Drips [Earful of Wax]
Leftlow – Distractions [Exit]
J-Shadow – Passages [Earful of Wax]
Magugu x Le Motel – Kindness Weakness [Maloca]
Tom Jarmey – Prophet [Wing Theory]
Azaleh & Sastruga – Ascend [Sastruga]
Qant – Moonsick > Cosmodrome [Holding Hands]
Magugu x Le Motel – Let Me Down [Maloca]
Acidfinky – Mountain Dew Baby [Earful of Wax]
Hint – Physical Stamina (Titeknots Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Baltra – druzy® [96 and Forever]
Otik – Angel Farm [Solar Body]
Bluetoof – Orb Ponderer [Earful of Wax]
Friske – Street Lights [Metalheadz]


Pugilist – Semantics [The Chikara Project]
Marenn Sukie – Indigenous [The Chikara Project]
Proove – Covered In Tides [The Chikara Project]
Hypho – Access Denied [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Hypho ft. Rakjay – That Vibration [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Hypho – Dingle Bat [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Ome – Waan [For The Heads]
Monty & Visages – Ange [1985]
Yaw Evans – Streatham Hill Dominos > (Benny Ill Remix) [GD4YA]
Yaw Evans – Only Spirit [GD4YA]
U-A-V – Transparency [Roadkill UK]
Drumskull – Muscle Memory [Hooversound]
Lay-Far – I Give Praise [Myor]
Coco Bryce – Closer [Myor]
Ollie Rant – Dreaming (Amy Dabbs Remix) [Time is Now]
Tommy the Cat – Fly By [Fokuz]


Drew’s Theory ft Christian Baxendale – My Ghosts [Heiwa Beats]
Drew’s Theory – Palm Beach [Heiwa Beats]
K-Lone & Facta – Kiss Me, Can’t Sleep [Wisdom Teeth]
Fleksor – Devil Worms [Egregore Collective]
Henzo – Whirlpool Vanish [Wisdom Teeth]
Capricorn One – System One [Headset]
Vilhelm Hasselgren – Stars Align [Westival Records]
Product Toss – Spittoon [Out of Sorts]
Interplanetary Criminal ft Killa P – Gangster Time [Time is Now]
Vilhelm Hasselgren – Enter [Westival Records]
DJ LHC – Devias [Curving Track]
Suburban Architecture – Distant Response [Suburban Architecture]
Visages & EN:VY – Ouija Board [1985]
Visages & Monty – Ace of Spades [1985]
Visages – Sheitan [1985]


Keita Sano – Blur Ceramics [Row]
Hugo Massien – Mariana > Deep Blue [Unknown To The Unknown]
Cortese – SPU1 > Wrong Train [Time is Now]
Dismantle – Ghost > Street Knowledge [Stations]
Subwave & BOP – Rave I Didn’t Know Was The Last [Hospital]
Law – Love High [Repertoire]
Kola Nut – Rhode Island [Repertoire]
Law & Wheeler – Absolute Proof [Repertoire]
SCAR ft Naomi Pryor – Losing Your Mind [Metalheadz]
Paradox – Nord [Over/Shadow]
Operate & MadRush MC – One By One [Overview]