Art-X ft Shaky Norman – Purple Lake [ODGProd]
Mystic Fyah – Righteous Dub > Nebula [Dub Communication]
Mystic Fyah ft Tito – Eles Andam Aí [This Way]
Soul Mass Transit System – Nutty Bread Rocks [Dr Banana]
X-Ray – Bad Man Sounds [Dr Banana]
SkyKap – Inta Outa [Dr Banana]
Stalker – Night Mission [Dr Banana]
Yosh – By Night > Massive [Dr Banana]
Objekt – The Goose That Got Away [Objekt]
Objekt – Shuttered [Bleep]
Nadia Khan – Conversation (CCL Remix) [Scissor and Thread]
Objekt – Theme From Q [Objekt]
Dillinja – Sovereign Melody [Deep Jungle]
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs [Deep Jungle]
Dillinja – Thugged Out Bitch [Valve]
Dillinja – Twist Em Out [Trouble on Vinyl]


Hidden Turn – Whats Going On [Translation]
Sister Zo – Fire > Inhale [Scuffed]
INGI – Point [Scuffed]
95Bones & Wager – Purple Hilt (East London Aerial Mix) [Scuffed]
Eusebeia – Natural Progression [Repertoire]
Cyber Life – Galatic Stabs Brotherhood Dub [Syrinx Music]
Djrum – Plantain [Samurai Music]
Theory – Babylon Dem (The Untouchables Remix) [Translation]
The Untouchables – Lion Of Judah [Translation]
Detboi – Into The Shadows [Over/Shadow]
Quartz – Rebore [Rupture]


Wordcolour – Bluster [Houndstooth]
Addison Groove – Brand New Drop (Nuff Pedals Remix) [Gutterfunk]
DJ Die, Skuff & Prime Cuts – Right About Now [Gutterfunk]
Jubley – Wiggin Out > Bladerunner [Fodder]
Robert Owens & TMPLT – Wishing Well [TMPLT]
dBridge & Madison Willing – Pulse [EXIT]
Bonobo – Closer [Ninja Tune]
Subjective (Goldie & James Davidson), Tom Misch & Frida Touray – Lost [Three Six Zero]
Bisweed – Crime Scene [Bass372]
Breaka – We Move [Breaka]
Skeleton King – My Joy (Dub Version) [Breaks ‘N’ Pieces]
Breaka – Mass Gathering [Breaka]
Safire & QQQAkane – Slowly Rushing (Skeptical Remix) [Plasma Audio]
K-Lone – Deluxe [Wisdom Teeth]
Yosh – Too Dread [Vivid]


01. Om Unit – Dissolved [Self-Released]
02. Overmono – Ill’s Front [Whities]
03. Riffs – Walkabout [Unreleased]
04. Objekt – Theme From Q [Objekt]
05. Skee Mask – Dial 274 [Illian Tape]
06. Overmono – So U Know [Poly Kicks]
07. Zacarocha – Let Da Beat (Let It Be) [Self-Released]
08. LS1 Housing Authority – Life Moves Fast [!K7]
09. K-65 – Shanghai [Self-Released]
10. Unknown Artist – Happyrave [QC]
11. Boxcutter – Mya Rave V2 [Planet Mu]
12. Nikolay Sunak – Obernis’ [NOSERVICE]
13. Zacarocha – Psaltry Clouds [Lost Thumb]
14. Zacarocha – Goals and Confusion [Self-Released]
15. Zacarocha – I’m Not [Unreleased]


VROMM – Bees [Over/Shadow]
VROMM – Tropical Heat [Over/Shadow]
Hidden Turn – Begin [ThirtyOne]
Hidden Turn – Follow [ThirtyOne]
Hidden Turn – Positive Vibes [ThirtyOne]
Maquis Son Sistèm – Sentiers [Folklore Séries]
Andy Martin ft Lee Scratch Perry – Revolution [Mole Audio]
Zero Crossing Points – Radiance [Comic Sans]
Pugilist – Deja Vu [Banoffee Pies]
Dwarde – Where Do I Go [MYOR]
Calibre – Snoopers Dub [Samurai]


4TGANG, DJ Hogg – Direct Source [Roadkill UK]
Lavonz x Perception x Ollie Rant x Ell Murphy – Know What To Do [Dansu Discs]
Main Phase – Note To Society [ec2a]
Kessler – Hood Mentality [Holding Hands]
Pépé Elle – Thump [Breaks’n’Pieces]
Fracture, LMajor – Feeling [Astrophonica]
Peaky Beats – Ishval [Cheeky Music Group]
M4A4 – Starbeam (Interplanetary Criminal Remix) [Cheeky Music Group]
Jason Code – HOT! [Scuffed]
Pixl – Outer Reaches [Love Love]
Marcus Visionary – Power [Inner City Dance]
4AM Kru – I Don’t Wanna Stop [Embrace The Real]
I Wannabe – Atomic Age [Omni Music]
Damian’s Ghost – All I Remember [Astrophonica]
Kid Lib – Don’t Make Me Wait [Deep Jungle]
Damian’s Ghost – On The Mist [Astrophonica]


De-Tu – St.Paul’s (City Road Dub) [Infernal Sounds]
Nomine & Youngsta & Riko Dan – Dark & Light [Sentry]
De-Tu – Roadblock [Infernal Sounds]
Rareman – Shibuya Nightz [Juan Forté]
Bunzer0 – Stochastic [Basskruit]
Yoofee – Calibration [White Peach]
Kercha & Yoofee – Analysis [DNO]
Lampa – Compass [Cimmerian]
Mythm – Like This [Wheel & Deal]
Regents (Cartridge & Strategy) – Greengate Adhesive [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Ternion Sound & vandull – Watch [Manuka]
Monty & Visages & PAV4N & Strategy – Hardware [1985]
Ternion Sound – Just Want U Close [Manuka]
Yosh – Has It Got to Be [Dansu Discs]
Mystic State – Materials [the chickara project]
Bonobo & O’Flynn – Otomo [Ninja Tune]
Overmono – Bby > Diamond Cut [XL]


01. Assafrão – APL [Rádio Quântica]
02. Overmono – So U Know [Poly Kicks]
03. Interplanetary Criminal – Pride (Speed Garage Mix) [Self Released]
04. Viers – Can U Feel It (Soul Mass Transit System Remix) [Hokkaido Dance Club]
05. Interplanetary Criminal – Killah Kam [Time is Now]
06. Teebone ft MC Sparks & MC Kie – Fly Bi [Stone Villager]
07. Instinct – Someone [Instinct]
08. DJ Luck & MC Neat – A Little Bit of Luck [Red Rose]
09. Sawheadz – Don’t Go [HARDLINE]
10. Phasmid – Deadpan [Gimme A Break]
11. Zomby – Spliff Dub [Warehouse Rave]
12. M-Beat ft General Levy – Incredible (Underground Deep Bass Mix) [Renk]
13. DJ Hype & Ganja Max ft DJ Daddy & MC Fats – Rinse Out [Ganja]
14. Sully – 5ives [Over/Shadow]
15. Assafrão – ??? [forthcoming Naivety]
16. PinkPantheress – Just For Me [Parlophone]

Releases Nacionais 2021 [1/2]

Minus & MRDolly – The Break [Jazzego]
Nimbus Sextet – Dreams Fulfilled (Fradinho Remix) [Acid Jazz]
Yakuza – Adagio (Moreno Ácido Remix) [Infinita]
Planar Traits – Exo-Realm > Trip Out [Magic Carpet]
Ramu – Mirrored Me [Magic Carpet]
Lake Haze – That Rave Saved My Life [Shall Not Fade]
No Future – Fauxleather > Quartier Cartier [Monster Jinx]
Zacarocha – Psaltry Clouds [Lost Thumb]
Fradinho – A Bright Future [Eclectic Beats Music]
DJ Chupacabra – Finissage [Carpet & Snares]
Yakuza – Aileron Pt2 (Remistura Diogo) [Infinita]
Hassan Abou Alam – All Used Up > Breathe [naive]
Pyramid Of Knowledge – Yuzu’s Dream [Dream Ticket]


Whenuknow – Howard [Maison Flora]
Maroki – Birchgrove Pleasure Gardens [e-beamz]
El-B – Love Life [GD4YA]
4TGANG – Piano Wavs > Unpopular [Breaks n Pieces]
Bakey ft Kasia – No Name Groove [Time is Now]
Nitework ft Ell Murphy – Take It Slow [Jucey Tunes]
A:Grade – Gambino [Uprise Audio]
4TGANG – Where This Takes Me? [Breaks n Pieces]
D-DUBLL – Reverse Flow > Nuclear Winter [Self-Released]
Dan Miles – Axis [Maison Flora]
Overmono – So U Kno [Poly Kicks]
Al Wootton – Sirzad [TRULE]
Overmono – BMW Track [Poly Kicks]
DJ Crisps – Luvin U [Cheeky Music Group]
Bakey – Bring It Back [Time is Now]
Mincy – Pretty Misty (99 Nissan Patrol Remix) [Extra Spicy]